Making a real difference

Not all organisations can – or, indeed should – make a profit, and much of the most important work in the community is done by those that don’t.

That’s why we have pledged to give a share of our profits to mainly local, non-profit organisations, including charities. But we aim to foster wider co-operation and understanding between these very different sectors of the community, too. To help facilitate it, David Rapley travelled to India and attended the Leaders’ Quest programme, a social enterprise committed to being a catalyst for positive change by engaging, developing and inspiring leaders from all sectors of society who want to make a difference.It’s a principle that is core to our values; establishing a bridge between profit and non-profit organisations to discover new ways for each to benefit the other. Since our formation we have supported a range of local and national charities. These projects range from becoming the main sponsor for the Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition, Cambridge’s major art exhibition and Tom’s Trust Circus of the Night. In 2016 David Rapley, with a passion for the arts, was appointed as a Trustee at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

We are proud to support activities and worthwhile causes in the Cambridge area and beyond. Please click on the links to find out more.

During 2020 we will be supporting:

Cambridge Arts Theatre – Read more

Tom’s Trust – Read more

Cambridge Arts Theatre Panto Wheels – Read more

Past sponsorships include:

Fitzwilliam Museum Bicentenary – Read more

Tom’s Trust – Circus of the Night Event – Find out more

Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition – Read more

Countryside education project sponsorship is blooming – Read more

Asthma Fair – Find out more

Leader’s Quest – Find out more

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